Jordan Stempleman

Gold Cobra by Matthew Suss


Swinging from the dangling spine of God        I play

with my fantastic breasts        in front of my worst enemies 

& their moms & dads        thank you all for coming

I’ll be here all day        pull open your blinds        in the morning 

I don’t need a day off        I feel so incredible 

in the wind        I pee on underage girls 

my whole naked body        an ecstasy node        a little bird 

called me a dick        he thought it would save my life 

it did        I throw all my weight        until my knees 

cramp & I let go        a long howl        long after everyone 

has left        before I dismount        into the blackest flowers

My March mixtape.

Reverend Louis Overstreet :: I’m Working On A Building

chet baker

—almost blue

chet baker: almost blue

My video-poem for “Log” (directed by Ryan MacDonald) is now up at The Volta. Thanks Max Greenstreet and The Volta crew for allowing us to embed.

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